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“Why should we Love the Church”, from the Harlot, John MacArthur

There is almost nothing I am more angered by, more repulsed by, than the following claim by the harlot described in Isaiah 47:  (Isa 47:8)  “I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:”

Here is the audio by John MacArthur that set me off today, entitled “Why should we Love the Church”

It’s actually blasphemy of the worst sort to claim that Jesus Christ did something or built something that he did not do.  Just like it is blasphemy to claim that Jesus Christ cast out devils by the spirit of the devil, it is also blasphemy to say the Jesus Christ built the institution of John MacArthur’s Church, when he did not!

Here is a simple example for the purpose of demonstrating the harlot spirit and the worship of this harlot, something I encountered on facebook today.

A man who has many friends on facebook and  claims to disagree with John MacArthur on 95% of what he teaches, posted the above audio, along with this link.   He claims to agree 100% with John MacArthur on everything he said in the audio or article.  My comment to him was this:

If you truly disagree with 95% of what MacArthur says and the scriptures say that “the church” is the ground and pillar of the truth and you therefore love the same “church” that MacArthur loves, you have a major conflict in your belief, because both cannot be true. Either MacArthur loves a false church, or the church is not the pillar of the truth, because you see 95% false doctrine, so which is right? When I listened to this, I heard the voice of a harlot – saying “I sit as queen, I shall not know the loss of children or sorrow” – Isa.”

If you listen to the above audio carefully, you will hear John MacArthur claim that he loves “the Church”.  He mentions that he is a Pastor of “The Church” and if he wasn’t a Pastor of “The Church”, he would find a building to attend and sit down in “The Church”, and go to “The Church”, and love “The Church”, an institution which he claims Jesus built.  This is blasphemy!   This is just another harlot saying in so many words “I am, I sit as queen, there is no other, I shall not know the loss of children”.   What John MacArthur is really saying is this  “I love me and my authority, I love that people worship me and listen to me and I love that I get to claim an authority as Jesus Christ”  – “I love the worship of men, I love the money and prestige that comes with it, I love to swash little nobodies out there, who would dare question me!” – And let all the MacArthurites say Amen!  Men who worship men turn my stomach, faithless, harlots who privately hate the Lord Jesus, our only Lord and Savior, men who worship the likes of John MacArthur!

I challenge John MacArthur or any MacArthurite to prove to me that Jesus Christ built Grace Church or gty ministries or Master’s Theological Seminary.  If you prove this to me, I will take down all of my writings, close my blog, and never claim that I ever knew Jesus Christ!

One would need to ask the question, “Where did the etymology of the word “Church” come from?”  Why the answer is Pagen Temples!   One would need to ask the question, why do the scriptures speak of the Old Testament Church (KJV)?  If Jesus built “the Church”, who built the Old Testament Church?   One would need to ask the question, What gives anyone the authority to claim that they ARE the Church?  Are the Mormons “The Church” – they go to Church?  By what authority does John MacArthur make such reckless claims that he is “THE PASTOR” of “HIS CHURCH” and should you disagree with that, watch out for the body guards, and I hope that you don’t hit you head on the ground very hard when they throw you out of “THEIR CHURCH”!  This is blasphemy!

So what about the etymology of the word “Church”, in other words, where did the term come from?  Because of course you know that the word “Church” was NEVER written in the original holy writ, it was “Eklessia” – referring to a people, not a building, Jesus NEVER built a building.   Here is a better article on the etymology of the word “Church” from Wicked Shepherds entitled “What is Church?”.

I would pose an additional question to anyone who claims that Jesus built what we call today “The Church”.   Read the word of Jesus himself in Matt. 18 and you explain to me this:  In Matt. 18 Jesus gave authority for church discipline, he gave authority for binding and loosing and he said this, “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst”.  So all of you harlot loving blasphemers, answer me this,

“If Jesus is truly present where two or three are gathered in his name, and therefore those two or three are having fellowship with Jesus Christ, then what more do we need?   Did not Jesus Christ tell you right in Matt. 18 what constitutes a “church” or more correctly an “Eklessia”?  If we need anything more than fellowship with Christ and therefore fellowship with one another, please explain what that is?”

I recently wrote an article entitled “I don’t need any man to teach me, I only need the Holy Spirit”.   It would be good for you to understand this as well, because it relates to the subject at hand, I don’t claim that we need no men to teach us, I just won’t stand by as men such as John MacArthur blaspheme, making themselves head of the church, rather than Jesus Christ!

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