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Let’s Return to Christian Unity – by Kokichi Kurosaki

This morning I got out of bed and read the above book on “Ending Division in the Body of Christ” from cover to cover, it’s a small book.   I would like to thank Kevin for sending it to me, I cannot describe how encouraged I am after reading it!  I am more certain than ever that the Lord really has spoken to me over the years and directed my paths in these issues.

I am now more bold than ever to call out sectarianism, to speak against those who are nothing more than self-interested small business owners, selling their deceptive wares to all who will buy them. 

Well let me tell you folks, the Lord our God HATES A FALSE BALANCE (Pro. 11:1).  When a salesman promises to deliver a product and you buy that product for the agreed price, you were told what you were buying, but the salesman tricked you, he used deceptive weights on his scales and you were none the wiser, that’s what the Lord hates!

When will you wake up and realize that you have been tricked?   When will you understand that you will not be sealed by the Lord if you take the mark of the beast?  (Rev. 7:3)  When will you understand that you were a foolish virgin and rather than buying that anointing which is truth and no lie, you are found without any oil in your lamps? 

All you have is the doctrines and approvals of men, the life of Christ is not in you!


As for me, I shall continue to call out these people who refuse to leave the sectarian harlot church system, they are blind leaders of the blind and they shall all fall into the snare, into the ditch!  I don’t hold a grudge, I am not a hater as some would like to believe, I am going to tell you the truth, because that is the loving thing to do.  Stop listening to sectarians like John MacArthur – this guy is extremely deceptive, he appeals to your intellect, he puffs you up and completely insulates you from EVER having true fellowship with Christ or your brothers, that’s just the sad truth!

Another man who I have been rebuking for years, a man who draws disciples after himself, a man who loves to point out the errors in the harlot church system, the man has a bag of false weights, he promises freedom and true fellowship, then he sets himself up as the one and only true, he refuses the brethren! 

A woman who I know and confronted with this truth, defended him by saying that he was so humble,

NO MADAM he is NOT humble, he is Anti-Christ! 

Another weak man who follows him, got up to preach the most shallow sermon, lacking any depth of spiritual understanding at all.  This man could not even get through one speech with out praising this Anti-Christ man and his wife, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!   False fellowship, false brethren, deceived to the core – so sad – Christ is not being formed in them.

I recommend this book, not because I agree with every word written, but because Kokichi does a good job of telling the history and effects sectarianism has had on the world and Christianity in particular.  True Christians must reject this Anti-Christ sectarian spirit before it is to late. 

He tells the history of Japan, his home country, how that the Roman Catholic sectarians came in and became a threat to the government, as a result grievous lies were told about Christianity so that true Christians were persecuted severely for many years in Japan, and even to this very day.   It reminded me of the scriptures in Rev. 17-18, how that all the blood of the true Saints of God shed was because of this harlot woman, Babylon.

The Judgment of the Harlot Babylon is at hand dear Saints, don’t doubt me!

All you people out there who have hated me and treated me shamefully over the years and cast me out for telling you the truth and judge me falsely for no just cause, you know who you are, it’s not to late for you to repent, but it will be soon!   I can help you leave the harlot, I don’t sell a bag full of deceitful weights, my only desire is to see Christ formed in you.  It’s not to late for you to repent dear brother, what the Lord has shown me is for your benefit, so you can leave the sectarian spirit in hell where it belongs and have true fellowship with Christ and your brethren.  Your foundation needs repair dear brother, it’s not too late to repent.

Big difference between the sectarians and myself is simply this, I don’t make myself Lord over you, but put Christ in his rightful place and the head of your life, only he is Lord!

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