Babylon Rescue

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About 30 years ago I started seeking the Lord God of heaven with these questions.  Why are there 20 thousand different sects of Christendom?  Why is there such confusion and disunity among professing Christians?  What is this force I see, where such pressure is placed upon everyone to conform and obey a Clergy - Laity system of control - where do the scriptures support such a system?  Jesus said "the Scribes and Pharisees sat in the seat of Moses" - which seat does the current day Pastor, Priest or Bishop sit in?   These are just a few of the questions I was extremely troubled by - so I set out on a holy quest to plead with the Lord for understanding and answers to these questions. 

The Lord is coming back - I don't know when - but this word that I have - for it to bare much fruit - would most certainly be the preparation for the coming of the Lord himself.  It couldn't be more clear - the destruction of Babylon - that image in Dan. chapter 2 - that image which John the Revelator saw destroyed - will be destroyed at the coming of the Lord.  So I might not know the time of the Lord's coming - but to those who receive this message and fellowship with us on these truths, they will stand before the Lord when he returns.  To those who hate this message and hold fast their sectarian spirit - those who refuse to walk in the love of the brethren, these people according to the scriptures will have the door shut in front of them - the coming of the Lord will occur as a snare to them - they will be ashamed at the coming of the Lord - they will receive and be harmed by all of the plagues that the Lord will place upon Babylon.  Come let us reason together - I am not mad - but full of the love of the Lord and his truth - and that truth will set you free!


Explain - Reveal - Love - Rescue

The People of the Lord from the Religious Confusion of Babylon - this secret Revealed in the Perfect counsel of the Lord as he plagues this spiritual City which has become a Harlot. Isa. 1:21  

Only One Church - 1John 2:19

This Church Knows All things - 1John 2:20

Truth and No Lie - 1John 2: 27

He who hears us hears Christ - 1John 4:6


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism - One Ecclesia (Church) - A Nation Born in one Hour of Kings and Priests - The Destruction of Babylon - the spirit of Sectarianism and Religious Confusion Destroyed by the Light of Christ - A Straight Way that few people find.  Let us show you the City of the Lord to the ends of the earth!